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Attendee must agree to the following requirements and submit the Form to participate in this Tour:

Our Services 

ConExpress Tours provides convention tour packages, which include hotel reservations, optional bus transportation, and group meal options, as well as: 

  • Providing an itinerary with a comprehensive outline of all bus, hotel and meal reservations and relevant information pertaining to specific tour destinations including cancellation policies, emergency service telephone numbers, etc.;

  • Canceling, changing, or rescheduling reservations as possible or when needed; and

  • Investigating or responding to queries initiated by you relative to your tour arrangements, our fees, and your itinerary.

These services are collectively referred to as the “Services” in this Agreement.

General Expectations

  • ConExpress Tours and staff obligations to our participating attendees are limited to providing logistics and reservations with hotel rooms, optional bus transport, and optional dining arrangements only.

  • We make no promises to fulfill or provide additional or extensive assistance to personal requests, preferences, and individual requirements of attendees outside of these services paid for in this travel package. By signing up for our tour(s), you agree not to hold ConExpress Tours responsible for any claims of dissatisfaction such as but not limited to financial or emotional loss of value resulting from the general experience provided to you in this tour. 

  • You understand that this tour involves physical labor and requires the ability to walk from moderate to great distances on foot and that our staff are unable to accommodate people with medical conditions that require physical assistance and care. 

  • Although ConExpress Tours has taken extra measures to ensure your safety with choosing reliable hotel, transportation and restaurant venues, no activity is without risk. It is important for all tour attendees to know in advance what to expect and to be informed that the activities undertaken on this tour may contain other unknown or unanticipated inherent risks that may result in the cause of loss of or damage to equipment, accidentally injury, and illness or in extreme cases, permanent trauma or death.

  • ConExpress Tours disclaims responsibility for the activities its attendees choose to participate in, and these attendees accept full responsibility for risks identified herein and any inherent risks not specifically identified. Any participation in any activity is purely voluntary, and is at the sole election of the participant in spite of and with full knowledge of the inherent risks. 

  • In most of cases, ConExpress Tours may act only as an agent for the various independent suppliers that provide hotels, transportation, meals, or other services connected with any tour provided by ConExpress Tours. Such services are subject to the terms and conditions of those suppliers. ConExpress Tours accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, damages or expenses of any kind due to sickness, weather, strikes, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts, actso of nature, local laws or other such causes.

  • By agreeing to participate in a tour with ConExpress Tours, you consent to the use of your image and/or videos that may be taken during your tour in the marketing and promotional materials of ConExpress Tours. 

Convention Badge and Event Tickets

  • Your travel package does not include a weekend badge for the Convention. You need to register one for yourself.

  • Your travel package does not include any tickets to special events held at the convention

Group Hotels and Room Sharing

As part of our Service packages, you will be provided with a hotel room in one of our partner hotels with the rest of your tour group. The following details apply:

  • You will receive a room registration and must provide a government-issued photo ID (driver's license or passport) that matches the name you booked your reservation under to both tour and hotel staff at the time of check-in.

  • You are responsible for your own personal safety in your hotel room.     

  • You are responsible for the safety of your own belongings in your hotel room. 

  • You are responsible for paying for any damages you cause to your hotel room. 

  • You are responsible for paying any additional services charged to your hotel room.  

  • Persons not registered with ConExpress Tours are strictly prohibited from being given access to your hotel room. 

  • ConExpress Tours will not be held liable for any injury, damage, death, loss of possessions, and other forms of harm you sustain because of your own actions and/or from the actions of your roommate(s), fellow attendees, venue staff, and the general public during your hotel stay. ​​

  • Opting in for a “SOLO” room:

    • This is highly recommended if you value having the utmost privacy and/or are not comfortable sharing rooms with other attendees whom you are unfamiliar with.  

    • ConExpress Tours will not be obligated to refund your reservation due to any claims of dissatisfaction with the hotel room condition, hotel venue and staff, and all other situational experiences beyond the control of ConExpress Tours and staff. 

  • Opting in for a "PEER-MATCHING" room:

    • You understand that this option involves sharing a room/suite with an unfamiliar person or persons as your roommate(s) to save on hotel costs, and that this arrangement requires you to be responsible for your own personal safety and to act with respectful consideration to ensure a mutually peaceful stay with your roommate(s).

    • You agree not to violate your roommate’s privacy and safety by causing harm, discomfort, or nuisance with behaviors that could be considered harassment, criminal, or inconvenient such as but not limited to excessive noise, indecent exposure, tampering with belongings, littering, cooking, substance abuse, bringing in outside visitors, etc. Giving non-roommates access to your hotel key card is strictly prohibited!  

    • You agree to provide us with a copy of a government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport that shows your SEX and DATE OF BIRTH in order for us properly match you with a roommate of the same sex and age group. Age groups are divided by 18-20, 21-25, 26-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-59. Absolutely no minors allowed.

    • ConExpress Tours respects the special needs of those in the Trans community who may want to identify as the opposite gender of the Sex designation in their driver's license or passport, but our Peer-Matching system is currently limited to relying on the security of a government-issued ID as a measure of safely distinguishing Male tour attendees from the Female tour attendees. ConExpress Tours is only able to assist you in this matter currently by asking prior-reserved attendees discreetly if they would be willing to make an exception for you and/or to match you with other self-identifying attendees, as the purpose of Peer-Matching is to accommodate the mutual consent of individual strangers to become roommates. We do not have the authority to force anyone nor would we ever want to pressure or discourage potential tour attendees that they might be placed in a rooming arrangement they do not consent to.

    • ConExpress Tours cannot guarantee that the ratio of tour attendees signing up will allow us to accommodate you with a roommate of the same sex and age group. If we are unable to accommodate you a proper match after 30 days your reservation, we will notify and offer you to stay on a waiting list or proceed with the immediate cancellation of your reservation. If you choose to cancel your reservation, you will receive a full refund within 7 business days.  

    • Additionally, you can be Peer-Matched with known friends or acquaintances also attending ConExpress Tours if your friend group has less than 4 members. 

    • ConExpress Tours can not remove your roommate if no criminal or willfull breach of conduct has been committed. 

    • ConExpress Tours will not be able to reassign you a different roommate or relocate you to a different hotel room without additional fees equal to the full retail value of other rooms available (if any) in the venue at that time.

    • ConExpress Tours will not be obligated to refund your reservation due to any claims of dissatisfaction with the hotel room condition, hotel venue and staff, roommate behavior, and all other situational experiences beyond the control of ConExpress Tours and staff. 

  • Opting in for a "GROUP-MATCHING" room:

    • A total of 4 friends must be reserved with ConExpress Tours in order to qualify for Group-Matching. 

    • You must provide us with the names of your friends in order to group them into the same room. ​

    • Your group friends must also be reserved with ConExpress Tours to be roomed in with you. 

    • If your group's total is or becomes less than 4 members:

      • You will be offered the option for a Peer-Matching price upgrade.

      • You can refuse the upgrade and the group reservation will be cancelled. 

    • You guarantee and declare that the individuals you are requesting us to match you with in the room are people you personally know and trust with your general safety and well being. 

    • ConExpress Tours will not be responsible for any damages the hotel room sustains during your stay and transfers the liability to your collective group's responsibility as the attendees to compensate the hotel venue. 

    • ConExpress Tours and staff will not be responsible or obligated to settle any form ​of disputes, arguments, and conflicts of interests between roommates such as but not limited to space allocation, bed assignment, missing personal items and properties, room tidiness, laundry, food, intimate issues, etc... 

    • ConExpress Tours will not be obligated to refund your reservation due to any claims of dissatisfaction with the hotel room condition, hotel venue and staff, personal conflicts and disagreements between roommates, and all other situational experiences beyond the control of ConExpress Tours and staff. 

  • Requests to Transfer/Reassign reservations to different persons will be denied and require the cancellation and refunding of the reservation if 30 days prior to the tour dates or the cancellation of reservation and forfeiture of payment if within 30 days of the tour dates. See cancellation section. 

Bus Transportation and Late Arrivals


  • If you opted to travel with your tour group by group bus ride, you must arrive at the designated pickup location on time.

  • If you miss the bus ride, even because of no fault of your own (such as a delayed flight, traffic, etc.), you must travel on your own and at your own cost to the group hotel destination.

  • No refunds will be given to attendees who miss the bus ride. No exceptions!

Group Meals

  • If you suffer from food allergies or have other dietary requirements, it is your sole responsibility to plan for and manage your own dietary needs. Due to the limited meal selection we are able to offer from our partner restaurants, attendees with strict dietary requirements are not advised to purchase the group meal plan.

  • ConExpress Tours will not be held responsible for any health problems you sustain, such as but not limited to food poisoning, because of the food or services being provided to you by the restaurant venues. 

  • ConExpress Tours will not be responsible for any dissatisfaction you may feel toward the food and service quality provided to you by the restaurant venues.  

  • Prepaid Group Meals are reserved for the entire tour duration at the time of your Service booking. 

  • We can not provide any refunds if you opt out of, or choose not to participate, in any prepaid group meals during your tour if not cancelled at least fifteen (15) days prior to your tour date.


Attendee Behavior


  • ConExpress Tours highly encourages all attendees to be approachable and to make an effort to make new friends during the tour. But, at minimum, we do require all attendees to respect the personal boundaries and space of both ConExpress Tours and convention attendees, as well as hotel, and venue staff.

  • ConExpress Tours has a ZERO tolerance policy for verbal, sexual, physical, and other forms of harassment. 

  • You agree to behave according to the transportation company’s, hotel’s, and venue’s policies regarding public conduct.

  • Any behavior considered as disorderly or criminal such as, but not limited to, indecent exposure, excessive alcohol consumption, illegal substance abuse or sale, or vandalism, may be dealt with the involvement of hotel security and/or law enforcement officers.

  • We reserve the right to ban you from further participation in your tour, to relocate you to a different hotel room, have you removed from the hotel and venue premises, and involve hotel, venue, medical, or law enforcement personnel as necessary.

  • No refunds will be provided if you are removed from the tour due to criminal behavior or any other breach of conduct. Additionally, you will be responsible for any costs or damages ConExpress Tours incurs as result of your behavior or actions. Your Payment Method will be billed for any such damages as further described in the Payment Methods in our complete Terms of Service page.


Travel Insurance

  • Attendees who opt in for our contracted buses are only covered by the bus company for injuries strictly for the duration of the bus ride(s). 

  • ConExpress Tours  does not provide general travel or other general insurance coverage for our tour attendees. 


  • You are responsible for purchasing your own travel insurance (if desired) and for your own personal safety while participating in any of our Services, such as but not limited to: walking about in/out of the convention center, when crossing streets, public interactions, private incidents, in your hotel room, etc.

  • ConExpress Tours will not be liable for harm or injuries you sustain from your own personal negligence and from the actions of your roommate(s), fellow tour attendees, and the general public such as but not limited to: verbal, physical, emotional, mental, financial, and other forms of damages. ConExpress Tours will not be held responsible for damages you sustain from harassments, disputes, abuses, and accidents with and/or from your roommate(s), fellow tour attendees, convention attendees, hotel staff, venue staff, and the general public. 

  • ConExpress Tours will not be responsible for any loss of or damages to your personal belongings during your hotel stay and your travels.

  • Any and all matters of dispute between you and your roommate(s) must be settled by your own accord and the parties involved. 

  • Our business staff, including tour guides, will not play arbiter to any issues between roommates and tour attendees arising from your hotel stays, personal interactions, and general attendance to the tour. 

Service Reservations

  • All reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • ConExpress Tours has a limited number of spots available for each tour and cannot guarantee availability for each and every single applications we receive, especially with the "Peer/Group Matching" hotel room options and for last minute bookings. 

  • All Service reservations are non-refundable within 30 days of the tour dates as described below in the Service Availability and Cancellations section. Additionally, we reserve the right to cancel any reservations at our sole discretion. You will be provided a full refund, unless the cancellation was a result of your violation of our Attendee Behavior or Cancellations policy. 

  • ConExpress Tours reserves the right not to disclose with you any information or reason(s) for cancelling a reservation.

Service Availability and Cancellations

We will always endeavor to fulfill your order once completed and paid for.

  • If a Service should become unavailable after your order has been confirmed and paid for, we will refund the price you paid for the Service within 15 business days following proper notice of unavailability.

  • Unavailability may be due to oversold positions (no more hotel rooms available), inability to assign proper roommate(s) in matching options, and from restrictions or limitations of the hotel, transportation company, convention venues, etc. 

  • If relevant, we will offer to place you on a waiting list for an unavailable Service of equal price and quality. If you choose to decline this offer, and the original Service remains unavailable, we will reimburse the price of the unavailable Service.

  • We therefore reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time for reasons including but not limited to: Service availability, errors in the description or price of the Service, errors in your order, or for any other reason in our sole discretion.

  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if fraud, an unauthorized, or illegal transaction is suspected.

  • We reserve the right not to disclose the reason for any cancellation of any reservation. 


Cancellations By Attendee

  • Cancellations of tour reservations must be done at least thirty (30) days prior to your tour date. All Service bookings are non-refundable within 30 days of your tour date. If you fail to give proper notice, you forfeit the total amount paid for your Service reservation. There are no refunds without proper notice.

Limitation of Liability



Notwithstanding the above, if we are found to be liable, our liability to you or any third party (whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability in tort, by statute or otherwise) is limited to the total fees you have paid to us in the twelve (12) months prior to the action giving rise to liability.



You assume sole responsibility for all use of our Services, including your participation in any tour, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold ConExpress Tours and our Affiliates harmless from and against any and all claims, causes of action, suits, proceedings, demands, damages, injuries, death, loss of property, and all other forms of harm, costs, expenses and liabilities of any kind whatsoever, including (without limitation) legal expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees, from third parties (“Claims”), arising out of or in any way related to: 

  1. Your use of our Services, including without limitation the use or inability to use the same; or 

  2. any breach by you of this Agreement.

Your participation in any of our Tour(s) is expressly voluntary and you agree to the following:


  • You declare that ConExpress Tours and affiliates are not responsible for your personal safety and well being and will not be held liable for any injury, sickness, death, loss of possessions, and other forms of damage, harm, and/or dissatisfaction you may sustain because of your own actions and/or from the actions of your roommate(s), fellow attendees, the tour staff, the venue staff, and the general public during your hotel stay, group meals, transportation, and other activities in the entire tour. 

  • You declare that you are responsible for purhasing your own travel insurance to cover yourself with protection from any inherent risks involved in this tour. 

  • You declare that you are solely responsible for your own actions, and their intended or unintended effects on others in the tour.

  • You agree not to provide hotel room access to any persons not registered with ConExpress Tours and that you understand causing disturbances and consumption of illegal substances in the hotel room is strictly prohibited. You agree that if your behavior is deemed as harassment or criminal that hotel security or law-enforcers may be involved in removing me from the hotel property and tour. 

Force Majeure

  • ConExpress Tours will not be liable for failing to perform under this Agreement by the occurrence of any event beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, hotel reservation errors, poor hotel room conditions, hotel emergency evacuations, scheduled transportation (bus) lateness or unavailability due to transport company errors, restaurant reservation cancellations or unavailability, poor quality of restaurant meals, food poisoning from restaurant served meals, convention event cancellations, any labor disturbance, an internet outage or interruption of service, a communications outage, failure by a service provider of ConExpress Tours to perform, cancellation or interruption of tour and/or any situational experiences resulting from fire, terrorism, natural disaster, pandemic, or war.  

THESE TERMS OF SERVICE (the “Agreement” or “Terms of Service”) sets forth the terms under which ConExpress Tours (the “ConExpress Tours”, “we”, “our“, or “us”) will provide access to our Site and related Services to you (“you” or “your”) related to and any other sites, including mobile websites and applications, owned, and operated by us or our Affiliates (collectively, the “Site”).

We maintain that, by creating an account, using our Site, and booking Services though our Site, you have read and do unreservedly accept this Agreement. This Agreement is important to you and us, as it is used to protect your rights as a valued customer and our rights as a business.

Read the extension of our Terms of Service agreement: Terms Of Use

Please Contact Us for any questions you may have before booking a reservation.

** All information submitted is used for reservation purposes only and will never be shared or sold to third parties! We value your trust above all else. More details can be found in our Privacy Policy.**

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