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We are not affiliated with Conventions. ConExpress Tours is a Startup company offering travel packages that help the average Con goer to save on Hotels, arrange Transport, and have more fun meeting people with optional Group Meals and event Meetups. 

Coming from all walks of life and having attended Comics, Games, and Anime conventions for many years, our team is made up of fans just like you! Based in New Jersey, our parent company is Future Gadget Lab LLC. Read our Q&A Page.

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Ian Nerida Yu

Chief Marketing Officer

A mover and shaker in the world of digital marketing and data science, Ian connects our wild ideas to potential customers and business investors.


Annie Phonsamreth

Tour Ambassador

She loves cosplay, she goes to conventions, and she's great with organizing meetups and parties. Annie is the perfect tour guide for ConExpress attendees in making sure we all have a good time!

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Peter Ang

Chief of Operations

Founder & Creative Director of Real Interface Studios, Peter is the mind behind this rogue business adventure and manages administrative tasks and staff personnel. 

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Argeane Almeida

Graphic Designer

Popping colors and lively texts and graphics, Argeane  is our graphic designer and artist for logo, texts,  cliparts, and all other marketing materials. Check out her portfolio.

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Christopher Cheng

Organizer Consultant

A veteran Con-organizer and Media liason, Chris knows the ins and out of how conventions are run and is helping us with what we need to know to get these tours running smoothly.

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Christina Hernandez

Promotional Voice Talent

Like the way our animated promo commercial sounds? Well that's because they're all done by this professional voice talent. Check her stuff out if you need a kickass Voiceover!


Justin Prince Moy

Logistics Officer

Meetups are not easy to organize and coordinate, but enthusiasts like Justin are pros at it. A former teacher in Japan, he joins our team and is tasked with managing logistics. 

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