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Sharing is Saving: A Guide to Splitting Hotel Rooms with Strangers at Conventions

When it comes to traveling to conventions by yourself, one of the most significant expenses can be the cost of accommodations. One way to save money on hotel rooms is by sharing them with fellow attendees. This can be a great way to meet new people, but it can also be a source of stress and discomfort if proper etiquette and boundaries are not established. In this guide, we will discuss some tips and best practices for sharing hotel rooms with strangers.

1. Communicate before arrival

Before you even agree to anything, make sure to communicate with the other people innterested in sharing the room with you. Especially if you're the one hosting. This can be done through the Facebook groups or by messaging each other directly through social media. It’s a good idea to establish some ground rules and expectations for the room, such as when lights should be turned off, how loud music can be played, and what times people will be coming and going.

2. Respect personal space and privacy

Sharing a room with strangers can be challenging, especially if you are not used to sharing a space with other people. It’s essential to remember that everyone deserves their personal space and privacy. This means not invading someone else's space without their permission, not going through their things, and not engaging in behavior that makes someone else feel uncomfortable.

3. Be considerate of noise levels

Noise can be a significant source of frustration when sharing a room with strangers. Whether it's someone snoring, talking on the phone, or watching TV, it's essential to be mindful of the noise levels in the room. If you know you tend to snore or make other noises while sleeping, let your roommates know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. Likewise, if someone else's noise is keeping you awake, try to speak to them politely and try to work out a solution that works for everyone.

4. Keep the room clean

Living in close quarters with strangers means that the cleanliness of the room can become a source of tension. To avoid this, make sure to keep the room tidy and clean. This means putting away your belongings, cleaning up after yourself, and not leaving dirty dishes or trash lying around. Make sure to also, keep in mind that people might have different standards of cleanliness and try to respect that.

5. Be open to socializing

Sharing a hotel room with strangers can be a great opportunity to make new friends and connections. If you're open to it, make an effort to socialize and get to know your roommates. You never know, you might make a friend for life or gain a valuable contact in the industry you work in.

6. Remember it's temporary

Lastly, remember that sharing a hotel room with strangers is a temporary situation. Even if it's not the most comfortable or ideal situation, it can be a great way to save money and make new connections. Try to keep your stay in perspective, and don't let any small frustrations ruin your trip.

Sharing a hotel room with strangers can be a cost-effective and exciting way to travel, but it does require some effort to make sure everyone is comfortable. By communicating openly, respecting personal space and privacy, being considerate of noise levels, keeping the room clean, being open to socializing, and remembering that it's temporary situation, you can make the most of your shared hotel room experience.

At ConExpress Tours, we have a "PEER-MATCHING" system that assigns our tour attendees a roommate that is of the same Sex and Age group, verified through government-issued IDs. This emphasizes our goal to prioritize comfort and peace of mind so that you may focus less on who you're rooming with and more with having fun at the convention.


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